Friday, April 25, 2014

A Bundle Of Griffeys

On Monday I came across an auction for a lot of 20 different Griffey cards, they were listed as 1989-2014 and the bid was only .99 cents so I tossed in a bid for $2.25 and waited. He only showed 14 cards in the pictures and his description listed only a couple of the cards that were already shown but there were three cards that I was actively hunting and if I could get all these cards for the price of  a couple of the cards I was hunting I would be happy.
In the end I did win with the $2.25 bid, toss in another $2.99 shipping and the package was shipped. I figured at $5.24 for 20 cards I was only paying .26 cents per card. Considering I do not have any local card shops and the nearest decent card show is 31 miles away I don’t get the chance to search through dime and quarter boxes to often.
I got the padded envelope today and the dealer sent 20 Griffey cards plus a checklist (showing Griffey) and two cello packs of 1994 Post Cereal baseball cards for a total of 27 cards. All but three of the cards were from the 1990s, but that is ok because I needed all of them. I also exercised another Griffey ghost, 1994 Stadium Club. In the end the price per card was only .19 cents.
This was a very nice gesture from the seller, especially after I got the discolored Bowman Best cards last week, which that seller has offered to refund me completely. I sent the cards back to him on Tuesday so hopefully that works out. Here are some of the highlights from this pick up.

And a couple of oddballs

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  1. Nice pick-up! Love the Pitcher Perfect and that Prizm card really pops!