Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Griffey Slideshow

Today is one of those days where writer’s block seems to be weighing heavily over me and nothing about sports cards is coming to me. So, I decided to revisit a post from February.
In mid-February I bought a 1995 Leaf Slideshow Ken Griffey Jr. 8A card that was graded. I had planned on removing the card from the slab, something the USPS helped me with, and all I needed was the slightly more rarer Griffey 8B card to make a complete Slideshow card. Well, 8A is now broken free from the slab and 8B has made it’s way in to my hands.


Here is the complete 1995 Leaf Slideshow Ken Griffey Jr,, isn’t it a beauty?


  1. Always loved this insert. I hadn't relized until fairly recently that there was an A and B to it...

  2. I love it when companies create these "puzzle" cards. It stems back to 83 Fleer when they matched up the likes of Rickey and Reggie. I have one half of the Frank Thomas Slideshow pair. As soon as COMC gets their site back on track, I'll probably pick up the other half.