Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some Autograph Pickups

A couple more autographs that I have added to my collection. I found a reputable autograph dealer who has some very nice IP autos and when you consider the price of some athletes/actors in some of the sets it is no wonder people look for alternatives for their collecting wants. Not to mention with the way that autographs are now coming out of packs you have to wonder who actually signed the card that Topps/Panini/Upper Deck is considering “authentic”. Just in the past few years we have seen cards from athletes like Cam Newton, Dez Bryant, Tajuan Walker and Ka’Deem Carey inserted in to packs that are highly questionable due to the vast differences in the signature. Let’s be honest, unless we actually see the personality sign the autograph there will always be questions and concerns.

 Another nice thing that I like about IP autographs on cards is that you can pick a card that you really like instead of just picking up a card that you didn’t care for only because it had the autograph that you wanted.

So a number of months ago I found this dealer and I picked up an autograph, dealing with him was so easy and quick I went back to pick up some additional signatures. He was having a promotion where he offered free shipping on any order over $25 and I had two autographs I definitely wanted so I picked out a third to hit $25.08 and free shipping.

The first card I picked up is Johnny Galecki autograph from the Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Season 3 release. The card is from The Wheaton Recurrence episode where the group bowls against Stuart and Wil Wheaton’s team. Wheaton plays mind games and the group eventually loses and as punishment the guys are forced to dress like female superheroes. The Cryptozoic releases do include relic and autograph cards but the prices are a bit high for my liking.
The second card from my purchase is this Carrie Fisher autograph from the Topps 1977 Star Wars Green Border release. The front of the card shows Luke and Leia right before the Battle of Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Death Star. The back is part of the puzzle. Official Topps Carrie Fisher autographs can run over $100 so I got a nice deal here.
The third card from this purchase was a Wayne Pygram autograph but I covered that one in another post last month.


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