Monday, May 18, 2015

Something Cool But Insanely Expensive

Do you have $7,250 burning a hole in your pocket and are willing to take a chance walking away sucking wind?

2015 Super Break Box Breakers Edition just went live and each box comes with 10 items and while a checklist has not been released by Super Break the sales materials show the product contains autographs from athletes, Presidents, inventors and other famous personalities.

Something to take in to consideration is that this is a typical high end repack product, there are buyback cards as well as redemptions for full sized autographed jerseys, balls, hats, gloves, bats, etc. The web site also lists odd descriptions like "Light Activated Talking Boxes" and "Custom Wrapped Items" so I am guessing there are plenty of surprises to be found.
What I find the coolest are "The Bar" pieces, they are oversized cards that are slabbed and graded with one of a kind original sketch card artwork with cut signatures. The back of the card includes an image of the original document from where the cut signature came from. The promo materials shows a Babe Ruth "Bar" card that contains a cut signature plus some of his hair and a Frank Sinatra "Bar" card piece that includes the center of a 45-rpm record with Sinatra's signature.
So far there are only 6 "The Bar" autograph pieces for auction from this release; 3 Presidents (Teddy Roosevelt, FDR & Nixon), a painter (Salvador Dali) and an actor (John Wayne) all with BIN prices at $3,000 or higher and there is a Kris Bryant autographed baseball redemption card sitting at $179 with no bids.
 Looking at what is available the cards don’t look too bad design-wise but when you consider the amount you are putting out to buy a box, even if you do not plan to sell any of the cards, the value just may not be there unless you pull one of the hot boxes. I would love to open a box because I do think it is very cool product but with my luck I would end up pulling 9 dummy blank cards, with EAS tags still attached, and a tissue that Babe Ruth used to pull gum off of his shoe.

At the price that the current individual cards are selling for there is no way that I would even consider hunting any down. The prices are so high because the sellers are trying to recoup their cost back and while the sketch art is unique and one of a kind the prices are artificially high.

Is it strange that whenever I see Salvador Dali my mind automatically cuts to Terry Jones' character (Bendy arm man) in Monty Python's Meaning of Life "Find The Fish" scene?


  1. I think the Sinatra is the coolest one up there. I know it's not new, but hair as part of a card...ugh.

  2. I've watched a few of these box breaks on YT and have seen some pretty cool stuff. If I was a billionaire and bored, I'd probably bust a box or two of this product. Then again... if I was a billionaire and bored, I'd probably just buy the Oakland A's, keep them in Oakland, and try to build a contender.

  3. "Is it in the cupboard???" Man, we quote that ridiculous scene all the time.