Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Redemption Win

Last Saturday (August 6th) I put in a request to replace a redemption card that had been 18 months since I submitted the code. The card was 2013 Prizm Football Jarvis Jones Rookie Autograph and when I checked Jarvis Jones has signed very few cards and they were all in 2013 sets so I felt like I was never going to see the card.

When I submitted the request I put that I was a Seahawks fan, though I have seen posts where people say not to include a favorite team so you can get the best player for equal value but I estimated the Jarvis Jones card to be at max a $5 card I wasn’t worried.

Panini responded quickly and sent me a 2016 Prestige Tyler Lockett Veteran Signature #97. I am very satisfied with what they selected for me.


  1. Nice replacement, reminds me I need to check on a couple redemptions myself.

  2. Panini's redemption program rules. Upper Deck and Topps should take note.

  3. I've been waiting on a redemption from them since Christmas 2014. I have an outstanding Topps redemption from about that time as well. I don't like redemptions very much.