Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A-Rod's Time In Pinstripes Is Ticking Away

The Yankees have decided to go with a youth movement which means that 41-year old Alex Rodriguez is on his way out, which he has made clear that he is at peace with. Some have even suggested that his time with the team may be ending sooner than later though Yankees manager Joe Girardi has stated that he still plans on getting A-Rod in the lineup as often as possible and with him sitting at 696 homeruns he is closing in on what at one point seemed like an unreachable number. He has 9 homeruns in 215 at-bats this season so at a rate at knocking a homer at nearly every 25 at-bats he may hit #700 before September.

Could he follow in the steps of Griffey and sign a short contract with the Mariners and retire where it all started? Possible, probably not likely but possible.

In 2011 I pulled a 2011 Topps Heritage A-Rod Reverse Negative #490 and held on to it. I saw the card sell in the $100 range and heard of versions selling for up to $300 but I was undecided. Last year while cutting down my collection I finally gave in and sold it for $115. I wonder what it would sell for if/when he hits #700? Wondering if I made a bad decision on selling it?


  1. Getting over one hundred bucks for a card you may not care about is nothing to sneeze at. Take into account, you sold it last year. If you held onto it and he doesn't hit any magical number, what do you get then? I think you made a great decision selling.

  2. I don't think there could've been a better time to sell high on A-Rod than last year (at least post suspension). He's a got a lot of devoted fans and collectors but the only real money people can make on his cards are off of his autographs.

    I still consider A-Rod to be the greatest player I had ever witnessed. A real triumph of a human pushing the limit at the highest level ever. And the drug use only maximized it, I don't care if it's cheating, prime A-Rod was a ton of fun to watch.