Friday, August 26, 2016

A Thank You And A Slippery Slope

Last week I received an email from a reader, Tom, regarding a Griffey card that he had and was wondering if I was interested in the card. It is a 1995 Tombstone Pizza card, which not only did I not have but I didn’t even know about it. I have the 1994 Tombstone Pizza card but didn’t know about the 1995 version.

I want to thank Tom for helping me with a card I needed, and I hope that you enjoy the cards that I sent your way.


Once I got the card the other day I began to wonder what else I either didn’t know about or forgot when I worked on my Griffey Want List (GWL for short). This is where the slope began to get very slippery. The current GWL the I have posted now I believe is 492 cards long, a big undertaking, but I realized I am seriously missing many cards on the list. I have spent the last three days going through various Griffey lists, COMC and eBay and adding only the cards that interest me to my GWL, I just topped 1,000 cards and I just began working on 2009 cards right now.

I just topped 1,000 unique Griffey cards in my collection, more on that later, and with a want list of over 1,000 cards (and growing) I have a lot of collecting to do. I am happy that at least half of those cards are easily picked up for under $1 each so I am slowly adding to my COMC inventory as I am building my new GWL.