Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meathead begets Meathead

After a few days of a nasty flu bug I am back to work…

OK, so while everyone else in the world could figure that Sammy Sosa was juicing, Paul Konerko, who is a jackass in his own right, is now demanding proof that Sosa used steroids. OK, lets take in to account that in his first 9 years of pro ball he hit a total of 207 homeruns. Over those 9 years he also hit for a .284 average while having a .492 slugging average.

Now, lets look at the insane jump over the next couple of years. He hit an unheard of 243 homeruns over a 4-year period. In those 4 years he also hit for a .311 average and a .663 slugging average.

He also suddenly bulked up from 185-195 pounds to well over 220 pounds in just a year. That has got to seem concerning because his weight was all muscle and while he was most likely working out daily that is still a lot of muscle to put on over an off-season. Put it all together and all you get is accusations and an assumption that he was juicing, but as a fan I still believe that he illegally affected the game that I love.

I do have to say, Konerko has a point… he said that the names should not be released because the players signed a contract regarding the tests stating that the results would not get out.

Fine, my response to that is Bud Selig has proven that the “interim” should have never been removed from his “Commissioner” title and someone with a spine should have been put in to place, someone who would have never agreed to a confidentiality clause. As Commissioner their job is to protect the players, the owners, the fans and the sanctity of the game. Selig protecting those 104 players on the list from 2003 is not looking out for the sanctity of the game; he is giving in to the MLBPA and turning tail. Now there will always be a question in the fan’s mind on who is on the list.
Way to go Sammy! *

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