Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Theft of the Sonics

I had lived in Seattle for 15 years, and while I am a Suns fan through and through I still supported the home team while I lived there as long as it did not conflict with my Suns allegiance. So, like everyone else in the Seattle area I watched the drama unfold in the daily news as Bennet and his cronies threatened to steal away the Sonics.

It was obvious from the beginning that Clay Bennett wanted to move the team to Oklahoma City. His claims of “doing everything humanly possible to keep the team in Seattle” was a slap to the face of every citizen of Seattle. The lawsuits, the court cases and the attempts for a new arena in Renton were just steps down the road until the day of the move. It did not help that David Stern supported the move too, way to go Commissioner, way to support the City of Seattle and all of the Sonics fans.

Now I will give it to the NBA fans of Oklahoma City, they did turn out to support a team that went 23-59 in their initial season in OKC. The team ended up in the Top 15 in attendance average per game. But one has to wonder how much longer will the fans continue to support a sub-par team? How long will the young nucleus of Durant, Westbrook and Green stick around before they leave to free agency? With LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Amare Stoudamire all coming up for Free Agency in the summer of 2010, Durant and Green would both make wonderful consolation prizes for a contender.

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