Monday, June 22, 2009

Nintendo Game Pack

A bit back I wrote about having found a pack of Disney Rocketeer cards in one of my drawers, well I also came across a pack of Nintendo Game Pack cards. These cards were released by Topps in 1989 and were based on Nintendo games of the time. The pack includes 3 Scratch Off Cards and 2 Stickers. The scratch-off cards were a game where you scratched off the little circles to try and win, basically a lottery ticket with a better chance of winning. The stickers, well what can I say… they are stickers.

The cards are pretty poor in coloring, probably cheap ink used during the printing phase not to mention that they are 20 years old now. The stickers had a better quality of ink used so they look a tad better but still could have used better quality ink.

Mario and Link heading in to trouble

Piston Honda
Wait for the jabs then pound him in the face

Mario wondering why his name looks like it is on a movie theater marquee

Little Mac taking it to Glass Joe

Well, it was a time when Topps would take on any license and turn it in to a card set.

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