Friday, June 26, 2009

NBA News- 6/26

Well, I was pretty close with the Top 6 picks; Sacramento threw a wrench in to my picks by taking SG Tyreke Evans instead of PG Ricky Rubio, leaving Rubio for the Timberwolves. Which in turn left PG Stephan Curry for Golden State to draft.

The rumors seem to have heated up regarding a possible trade of Amare Stoudamire. The buzz is now coming out of Oakland. It appears that PF Amare Stoudamire may be heading to Golden State in exchange for the rights to PG Stephan Curry, C Andris Biedrins and possibly another player to be named (possibly PF Brendan Wright or SG Marco Belinelli).

Oddly enough, I kind of agree with this scenario. I hate to see Stoudamire go but he has become more intent on leaving the Suns since Shaq came to Phoenix and his output decreased. It is believed that Stoudamire would option out of his contract following the 2010 season any way.

This potential trade would give Phoenix some help now and set the team up for the future too. Curry would become a backup to one of the best Point Guards to run the game, Steve Nash. Bringing in C Andris Biedrins would also give Phoenix a true Center. Phoenix drafted 4 Forwards this year, which seems extreme, but could help solidify the lineup even more. Jason Richardson would move back to Shooting Guard and Robin Lopez can stick with being a Center.

In other trade rumors the New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves may be working a deal to send PG Ricky Rubio to the Knicks. As of now there has been no further details involving this potential trade, if this deal is pulled off the Knicks may turn out to be one of the winners of the draft.


In the most recent reports, Golden State coach Don Nelson has stated that he has no intention of trading PG Stephan Curry no matter what. This may be an announcement just to shut down the rumors or this may actually be the truth, only time will tell.

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