Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Icons Football

I have been waffling with the 2009 UD Icons releases. I am just not that impressed with what I have seen so far but in reading some of the reviews it seems that some collectors like the set so I decided to pick up a retail box just so I could get a taste of the set. I also picked up a 2009 UD Icons Baseball box at the same time and will review that at a later date.

To start, I should have gone with my gut on this one; I am not to impressed with this release. When it comes to the cards design things just have a sloppy look. You have a nice action shot of the player, which is great, but then there is a sepia colored, de-saturated image of the player in the background and to “artsy” things up someone decided to use a grunge brush. In my opinion it actually muddies up the entire card design and was a poor decision. The back of the card is simple, an image of the player, team logo, name and stats. Keeping the back simple was a nice addition, it kind of balances out the card design overall.

The retail box also contained Silver Board Parallels, which are essentially the base cards where the background image on the card front is chromed up a bit. Otherwise there is nothing special about this parallel. Another insert pulled was the “Class of 2009”, which in my box I pulled Clay Matthews, Green Bay’s 1st round pick, #/450. The Class of 2009 card was a nice addition, while not a true rookie card it added an extra insert to portray the rookies. One thing that I did like about the retail box was that it also included a pack of “America’s Team”, an all-Dallas Cowboys subset. Not that I am a Cowboys fan, but still a cool subset.

Finally was the “Game Day Gear” jersey card, an Upper Deck generic set jersey card used as an incentive in retail boxes. I actually liked this design better then the “Sophomore Sensations” and “Decade of Dominance” jersey cards that are part of the Icons checklist so I am not complaining.

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