Friday, July 17, 2009

Greg Maddux

One of the greats got some admiration tonight from the team that he will always be connected with, Greg Maddux had his number retired by the Atlanta Braves this evening.

When someone brings up the domination of the Braves, three names will usually come to mind; Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz. These three pitchers were as dependable and domineering as any team manager could ever hope for to have in rotation. In the 10 seasons that all three pitchers were in the rotation they went a combined 425-224-65, that is averaging 42 wins per season just on these 3 starters alone (plus the 2 years that John Smoltz was in the Bullpen).

Maddux retired after pitching for San Diego and LA Dodgers last season, Glavine was un-ceremoniously released last month by the Braves and Smoltz is currently with Boston. Hopefully the Braves will re-sign Glavine in September to allow him to retire properly, letting go a legend like that is just a plain kick in the nuts. It is quite possible that within 6-7 years from now all three men will once again be united at Cooperstown in the Hall of Fame.

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