Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Vick's Return

It is official now; Michael Vick is now back in the NFL, I guess I can put aside my “Vick in the UFL” talk for now.

OK… now that Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated back in to the NFL lets rush and sell every Vick card that we can get our hands on (I am saying this sarcastically). In the last 24 hours there have been well over 100 auctions added and while many of the postings are reasonable you do come across the random oddity. Is a 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor Vick error card really worth $750? As Susan Powter would say “Stop the Insanity!”

With that said, I decided to go take a look to see what Vick cards I have hiding away and actually came across a couple of decent jersey cards packed away in a binder. The Ultimate Super Jersey was pulled from the same box that I pulled my Omar Jacobs Rookie Patch. I don’t remember when I pulled the Triple Artifacts; damn memory fails me now that the temples have begun to grow silver. But I do know that I will be holding on to the cards for now and see how things go with Vick’s return.

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