Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Losman in the UFL

The UFL (United Football League) gets their first big name (sorta big name anyway) today with the signing of J.P. Losman by the Las Vegas team. Losman was the 2004 1st Round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills, who had high hopes for the youngster out of Tulane, but he never seemed to really take command of the team.

Hopefully signing with a new team in a new league will give Losman the opportunity to start fresh and prove something. Now that a semi-established NFL player has moved on to the new league, the question is “Who will follow?” At this time the rumors seem to be leaning towards Michael Vick possibly joining the UFL if Roger Goodell does not reinstate him in the NFL at their meeting later this week. If Vick does join the UFL it is quite possible that some other NFL players may follow his trail to the infant football league. Can Adam Jones be far behind?

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