Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 NFL Draft- QBs

Tim Tebow has supposedly impressed NFL scouts with his most recent workout where he showed off his new throwing motion. According to sources he has even been invited to the NFL Draft next month, an honor usually reserved for players expected to go in the First Round.

So, does this new found release move him up the draft boards or is he still a project pick in the Second or Third Rounds? Do we see a team like the Colts or Saints pick him up with the intent on molding him in to the QB of the distant future? As a follow up question, if Tebow does some how squeak in to the First Round does that change his collectability? One thing that I have noticed is that most late First Round QBs rarely draw in the collectors, examples such as Brady Quinn, Jason Campbell, JP Losman and Rex Grossman can be found stacked in the “Commons” bin for a quarter apiece now.

This years QB listing does not seem to have any definitive standouts, people are talking about Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen but what is expected of these players? Do we see Bradford bringing the Rams out of obscurity? Would Clausen jump in for Jason Campbell and make the Redskins a playoff team? If either of those players is available at the #6 slot I do see the Seahawks picking them up as a QB of the future, even considering the recent Charlie Whitehurst trade. I could also see the Browns picking up one of the 3 QBs, but that still leaves Tebow sitting in the Green Room all alone at the end of Day 1.

Personally I have hopes for Colt McCoy making it in the NFL, which comes from my wife being from Texas, but otherwise I will not be hunting down cards from this year’s crop of QBs.

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