Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rams Throwing A Monkey Wrench In The Draft?

What if Sam Bradford is not selected with the #1 draft pick? It is now rumored that the Rams may pass over Bradford and draft a Defensive Lineman with the #1 pick and hope that McCoy is still available with the #33 pick instead. That would definitely put a twist on this years NFL Draft. That could possibly mean that Bradford drops to #4 when the Redskins pick and then the Seahawks or Browns could take Clausen or McCoy with the #6 or #7 picks, respectively. The Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills would almost certainly pick up a QB if a decent one is still available by the time they pick with the #8 and #9 picks. I think if the Rams go the way of a DL at the #1 pick, not even Tebow would be available by the time the #33 pick rolls around and may instead be looking at Tony Pike as the best available Quarter Back.

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