Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Wonder?

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Does the Wonderlic affect your collecting habits? The test is 50 questions long and the player is given 12 minutes to complete it. It is suppose to evaluate the aptitude of an incoming player and review how the player learns and how they are able to problem solve. The average score for an incoming NFL player is 20 out of 50; the average for a QB is expected to be 24 out of 50.

Consider how some recent QBs scored and you really have to wonder how much the test really shows about the players. Here are the reported scores of this year’s crop of QBs; Sam Bradford- 36, Colt McCoy- 25, Jimmy Clausen- 23 and Tim Tebow- 22. So why exactly are the sports casters making a humongous deal about Tebow’s 22 out of 50? If Tebow fails, I can guarantee it will not be based on his Wonderlic score.

You may ask how these scores compare to other QBs? Starting at the highest reported score:
Alex Smith- 40 out of 50
Eli Manning- 39 out of 50
Omar Jacobs- 38 out of 50
Matt Leinart- 35 out of 50
Brian Griese- 29 out of 50
Peyton Manning- 28 out of 50 (Ryan Leaf scored 27)
Dan Marino- 15 out of 50
Jim Kelly- 15 out of 50
Vince Young- 6 out of 50 and then 15 out of 50 on a second test
Jeff George- 10 out of 50

Do you notice a pattern? Yes I did cherry pick to prove a point but feel free to take a look at a larger selection of Wonderlic scores to see I am not to far off base with my small sample.

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