Friday, March 19, 2010

Who The Hell Is Jeremy Tyler And Does It Matter?

People collect for a variety of reasons, there are almost as many reasons to collect as there are ways of collecting. When I say ways, I mean you have your prospect collectors, your rookie collectors, your player collector, team collector and so on. I wonder if a prospect collector would ever take a chance on Jeremy Tyler?

Not familiar with Jeremy Tyler? Here is a run down of this young man’s basketball career to give you a little insight of what he has the potential for in the future:

-He quit high school in his senior year at San Diego High School to go play professional ball in Israel where he signed a $140,000 1-year contract.

-In 10 games for Maccabi Haifa he has averaged 2.1 points and 1.9 rebounds in 7.6 minutes per game

-He walked out of a game at halftime leaving his team to play on without him because he was upset about not getting more playing time.

-Maccabi Haifa suspended him because they are tired of his immature bullshit

-He quit the team yesterday, without telling his agent, and is returning to San Diego

This kid has pre-mature Diva written all over his face and funny thing is that his agent actually is “positive” about Tyler’s experience in Israel. Does he not realize that the kid played like shit, has a bad attitude and just walked out on a legal contract? Not to mention he can not be drafted or sign with an NBA team until after next season, he can not play in the NCAA because he has played professionally and his actions are damn well sure to be noticed by NBA scouts. This kid just showed another reason why high school players should not be drafted. For every Kobe and LeBron you find a good 5-10 other kids who failed.

Will he ever make it to the NBA? Who knows, there is a chance that he may never play professional ball again, but that will be up to him. This kid was expected to do big things, he was constantly ranked in the top 2-3 of his recruiting class and supposedly has awsome skills. But, can those overcome a poor attitude? As an after thought, Maccabi Haifa, his ex-team, is in a title race in the Israel Premier League, a title could have helped this kid's potential future too. He quit a title contender, imagine how he would play for Minnesota, Knicks or the Bobcats, I wouldn't imagine that the teams would take kindly to an unproven rookie walking out in the middle of a game.

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  1. That had Leon Smith written all over. NBA diehards will remember Smith being last player drafted in the first round of 1999 draft and he quickly fell out of favor with the Mavericks refusing going to Europe and throwing a tantrum during practice. After several run-ins with the law and nearly committing suicide Mavericks got rid of him without playing a single NBA game. It took him three years to finally play a NBA game but damage was done. He only played 15 career NBA games. Jeremy Tyler has that going on.