Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Topps Magic Football

Schedule Release Date: December 29, 2010
Box Configuration: 24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack (7 cards plus 1 mini)
SRP: $80/box

Box Break:
3 Autographs
12 Inserts per box

My Thoughts:
The first thing that you will notice about the 2010 Magic football release is that the players are pictured in their NFL uniforms, a change from the 2009 set.

I had some hopes that Topps would continue with the tradition of following the original vintage set but this actually looks like it is just another base Topps set which is disappointing. I like the change to the NFL uniforms but I wish that they had built off of last years design instead of the Topps base sets.

The base checklist is what you would expect but once you see the autograph and relic checklist you become a little confused as to why certain players were selected. You can be lucky and pull a Peyton Manning auto or have shitty luck and pull an auto of Bengals LB Keith Rivers.

Insert sets include “Rookie Stars”, 20 rookies from the 2010 NFL Draft, “Magical Moments”, top 20 personalities and events from 2010 season and “History’s Best”, the best NFL stars past and present.

3 autos per box

New stamp cards, similart to the National Chicle release

Relic cards limited to #/25 or less

Dropped vintage design

Dropped the classic (and very cool) All-American inserts

Unnecessary mini cards (again)

I can not give this more then 2 out of 5, the set went from being an original set based on the vintage 1951 Magic Football set and morphed it in to a Topps/Chrome look-a-like set. I like the addition of players in their NFL uniforms, but that is it. Topps for some reason felt that they needed another cookie cutter set with uninspired inserts. They even included Chrome Refractors, sounds familiar to a few other sets that Topps already produces.

This set seems like the Topps design department just said "mhm" and turned in designs from the base football set.

On a side note, I checked and there is a Buffalo Bill Cody Historical Stamp Of Approval card on the checklist.

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  1. I think Upper Deck has the collegiate license now so no more College unis for Topps. This set looks more like a Topps Heritage/Upper Deck Vintage/Fleer Tradition feel to it to me. Just bring back Heritage proper, do a classic set like 1962 or 1974 and be dome with it.