Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Question

Has the novelty of Allen & Ginters finally worn off? Have the Strasburg buyers moved on to the next set?

Four weeks ago boxes were selling at well over $100 dollars and I even saw some boxes hitting the $125 range. As soon as they were delivered dealers were selling them directly out of the case, boxes were never even making it on to the shelves.

Just two weeks ago I walked in to a hole in the wall shop, the kind that sells antiques, cards, action figures, etc. The guy sold me his last A&G box for $65 because he was tired of it sitting on the shelf, now given this was probably the same guy who only weeks prior was trying to sell the same box for $125-150 and didn’t want to see his shame any longer. But my point is that I picked up a hobby box for less then what retail boxes were selling for not long ago.

I find it funny that some collectors seemed to think that there was a future in holding A&G boxes and are now sitting on a collection that is selling for less then they probably paid for the boxes originally.

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