Thursday, August 26, 2010

Albert Pujols Tops 400

While the taint of steroids still haunts Alex Rodriguez, who hit home run #600 earlier this year, another young hitter is working his way up the list and may just one day knock the * off the top of the all-time home run list. Albert Pujols hit home run #400 tonight, in an unfortunate night where the Cardinals not only lost to the last place Nationals but Pujols injured his ankle while trying to navigate over a rolled up tarp chasing a foul ball.

At 30 years old (30 years and 222 days) he stands behind only A-Rod and Griffey as the youngest to reach the 400 home run milestone. Having never missed more then 20 games a season over the past 10 years Pujols has been able to stay healthy and if he can keep this up for another 10 years he should easily be looking at topping 700 home runs.

1 comment:

  1. His numbers are truly amazing but that is not what he is about as a person and I quote, "it's a special milestone, but I don't play for numbers."
    Albert Pujols is a man of extreme integrity and he plays for God. His life is a pure example of that and he is making a huge difference in the world that has the ultimate eternal value.