Monday, January 24, 2011

Leaf MMA Wrapper Redemption Offer #2

In December I wrote about the Leaf MMA wrapper redemption program. There was not a whole lot of information regarding the program on the Leaf web site at the time but the redemption turns out to be an on-going program where new offerings will be made by Leaf from time to time throughout the year, so make sure to hold on to your wrappers.

The first offering (Offer #1) was a 2010 Leaf MMA Shogun Rua autograph #/85. This offer was valid through 1/31/11 or while supplies last. Leaf just announced that the Rua redemption has been sold out and is no longer available. I was able to find one sale of an autographed Rua redemption card, it sold for $180.

The next offering (Offer #2) is a 2010 Leaf MMA Alistair Overeem autograph #/185 and is still available for 96 wrappers. This offer also runs through 1/31/11 or while supplies last. I think we finally have an autograph candidate who will rival Chris Johnson autographs. I have found one sale of an autographed Overeem redemption card, also selling for $180.

Overeem is a workhorse of a fighter, he has been active in both kickboxing and MMA for over 10 years and has an impressive record in each going 10-4 in kickboxing and 34-11 in MMA. He is currently the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, which he has held since 2007, and he is also the Dream Heavyweight Champion, which he won last month, with kickboxing he is the current K1 World Grand Prix Champion. He is ranked in the Top 10 MMA Fighters and has had discussions about joining UFC but no contracts have been signed yet.

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