Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday Night Raw Followup

The kids had a blast at WWE Raw last night. Unfortunately John Cena really got hurt last week so his match was scratched, it was supposed to be Cena and Orton versus The Miz and Wade Barrett. But WWE made up for it with a surprise Triple Threat Cage Match for the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship with Shamus versus Randy Orton versus Wade Barrett vying for the position to take on The Miz at Royal Rumble at the end of the month.

Some if the highlights of the night:

CM Punk talking about how he "hurt" John Cena, Wade Barrett came out and the two got in to it a bit before the Nexus came out. I guess this is a new storyline where CM Punk is trying to take over the Nexus group.

R-Truth vs Alberto Del Rio. R-Truth is one of the favorites of my kids so I have to add him to the list of highlights, he did loose but an entertaining match.

Shamus vs Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett Triple Threat Match. It was ultimately won by Randy Orton after the other two had plenty of opportunities to win but never got to the floor.

After the match finished and the cage was raised The Miz came out with his friend, not sure what his name is, and started spouting off. Michael Cole stepped up on the ring to support The Miz and needless to say Randy Orton went back in to the ring and beat up The Miz, his buddy and Michael Cole. Does anyone else notice that Orton’s RKO looks an awful lot like Stone Cold’s Stunner?


Honestly I had more fun then I thought I would. I occasionally watch wrestling with my kids so I know some of the wrestlers but seeing it live makes you feel more involved even when I was watching the matches with wrestlers I didn't really know. The tickets we got may not have been the best seats but we had a nice view and could see the entire arena plus they only cost $20 each and when you need 6 tickets even at $20 it adds up. To save on additional costs the tickets double as a free boarding pass on the light rail so the whole night for the family was not to expensive and we all had fun.


  1. Great picture of Orton kicking Michael Cole! Looks like you all had a good time.

  2. I started watching it again sporadically a year ago with the addition of the guests hosts because it added some comedy to it. Never been live though, but I bet for 20 bucks it'd be entertaining.

  3. RKO, Stunner, Diamond Cutter... samething.

  4. Great pictures... after all of these years... I've still yet to attend a WWE event. One of these days...