Monday, January 10, 2011

Review- 2010 Press Pass Main Event

I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and picked up a blaster of Press Pass 2010 Main Event. I have watched racing in the past but it has been a good 6-8 years since I regularly watched a NASCAR season and I was never a collector of race cards. I have from time to time picked up individual cards that I thought were cool or a pack here or there so this is pretty foreign to me.

Press Pass is the authority when it comes to NASCAR cards and they have been for many years going back well in to the 90s. They were actually the first company to include relics in their cards when the Burning Rubber relic cards were inserted in packs in 1996.

I like Press Pass but I have to say that this set is a bit odd when compared with the cards from another sport because you have cars and drivers that are to be represented in the set so the base set does not have a standard appearance. I actually had mistaken some of the base cards for inserts because they were so different looking. I tried to select a pretty good variety to post up so you can get an idea of what comes in the packs.
First up are the base cards. This was a 100 card base set with cards 90-100 being Short Prints. Starting with drivers I pulled some of the regulars like Ken Harvick, Mark Martin, Robby Gordon and Kurt Busch. The car base cards include one of my favorites, Jeff Gordon along with Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth.

The inserts I pulled are a Brian Vickers Tale of the Tape and a Kurt Busch American Muscle. These cards have a holofoil reflective surface to them so I knew they were not part of the base set even before I checked the card numbers.

Each pack also included a Fight Card mini card; there were 7 packs in the blaster so I got 7 minis. Oddly my cards were sequential in numbering. There are 25 Fight Card minis and I got cards 17-23 on the checklist.

I was hoping to find a cool memorabilia card and they are a reasonable 1:96 packs, but I had no luck. I love the Press Pass Five Star release but I am not a NASCAR collector and I don’t see myself buying any more packs in the near future.


  1. I followed NASCAR for years. The big problem with them is commercialism, 5 laps of racing for every 10 commercials. Plus, I'm a Waltrip Racing fan, but if you don't root for a Hendrick, Roush, or Gibbs Racing driver, you rarely get to see your favorite on TV, even if they are leading the damned race. We get to see JR. running 38th, or Gordon passing for 24th, but you only get to see the rest of the field when they wreck! That's when I pulled the plug. Press Pass has always put out a nice set for NASCAR fans, but they don't have a "cheap" set anymore.

  2. Thanks for posting these, I've been wanting to check the nascar cards out. The card shop by my house doesn't sell any. They say the cards are not worth anything but eBay says other wise.