Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Meanderings

Last night I finally got around to sorting a box of 2010 A&G that has been sitting on my dresser since last July and as I scanned through the cards in my hand and came across a Buster Posey rookie I thought back to the days when if you came across a solid rookie you would set the card aside and put it in a penny sleeve because you hoped that some day it would become something special. I mean I am holding the NL Rookie of the Year in my hand and if I was to try and sell the card I might actually end up paying more in listing fees then the final sale price.

Now we basically ignore the base cards no matter who is on the card outside of the occasional “OH NOZ SUPER MOJO!!11!!111!!!” rookie that comes around once a generation before going down with a shoulder injury. Even then we only want a short-printed colored-fractor version so we can claim “REAL 1/1” on the eBay auction.

I would gladly give up all the releases loaded with the middle-reliever autographs and dime sized white jersey cards from bench warmers for those days when a rookie card meant something more than trade bait or fire kindling. I know the hits are here to stay for now but I can hope right?


  1. as a set collector, I hear your cries. And agree with them whole heartedly.

  2. Great post. Just makes you wonder what is a cards real value? If you just liked the art you can make a card at home with a printer now days. Just copy nice Tiff or jpegs of the art. I doubt hardly anyone does that. I think everyone gets a card out of emotional value or hoping it will be of financial value some day. I just hope I never regret looking at all my cards and wonder what I could have done with the money it took to obtain them.