Saturday, November 19, 2011

Suck It Sun Devils!

There is only one college football game that matters in the State of Arizona, the Duel in the Desert, the annual University of Arizona vs. Arizona State University game which goes back to 1898. Coming in to this game nobody considers records, schedules, possible bowl games or streaks; this game is a fight and tonight was no different.

ASU’s QB Osweiler and WR Robinson ran a passing clinic on the U of A defense but it was the final 5 minutes of the game that sealed the win for the Wildcats. Fear struck when Arizona QB Nick Foles went down with what appeared to be a phantom injury and was replaced by rarely used Bryson Beirne, who had thrown 11 passes all season. Beirne hits Criner for a 20-yd TD pass and the Wildcat D went in to effect and sadly ASU was moving until Osweiler threw his second interception with 2:15 left in the game. ASU got the ball back with 1:19 left and actually moved the ball to the Arizona 16 yard line with 4 seconds left but Arizona’s D looked back on the Desert Swarm days of the 90s and shut down ASU’s receivers and walked away 31-27.

 Living in the Valley I am in Sun Devil territory, something difficult for a life-long Wildcat fan and the Cats may only be 3-8 but I can walk proudly with my red Arizona jersey after a win like this.

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