Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Card of the Month: 1922 Chelsea FC

I have seriously slacked on the Vintage Card of the Month posts so time to bring it back. In honor of the MLS season coming to a conclusion (The L.A. Galaxy beat the Houston Dynamo for the Cup) and Chelsea’s loss to Liverpool yesterday (plus my soccer season ended last Friday night) I decided to go the football route.

I selected a card from a 1922 issue of The Magnet, a sports periodical that included cards in the magazine. Cards contained either a player or team shot on the front with a short write-up on the back along with an ad for an upcoming Magnet issue.

This particular card is from the November 18, 1922 Magnet issue and shows the Chelsea FC team. The team lost to Burnley 0-1 the day that this issue was released and the 1922-23 season ended in disappointment going 9-15-18 and coming in 4th to last in the First Division (Premier League) missing relegation to Second Division by only 6 points.

This card is in pretty tough shape with a bend in the upper right corner and chipping in the upper left corner and the back has some staining. The Magnet Library cards are pretty easy to find and usually sell for only a few dollars.

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