Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Long Distance Trade

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a reader (Rune) asking about the Abdul-Jabbar/West Dual Game Materials jersey card I pulled from a blaster box in June 2010. He let me know that he was one card short of completing the 100 card base Dual Game Materials checklist, this was the card he was missing and he was wondering if I would be interested in trading for the card. In return he offered the Abdul-Jabbar/West Gold version #/150 for the base card. After a couple of emails we worked out a trade and packages were sent out. 

 Rune lives in Norway so it took about two weeks for the package to be received but along with the Gold version Abdul-Jabbar/West Dual Game Materials he sent a collection of Suns cards to add to my personal collection.

-          2002 SPx Shawn Marion Winning Materials dual-relic card  (Shooting shirt and Warm-ups)

-          2002 Topps TX02 First Shot Casey Jacobs relic

-          2003 Upper Deck UD Glass Shawn Marion relic

-          2004 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorites Amare Stoudamire Warm-ups relic

-          2005 SP Authentic Fabrics Jim Jackson relic

-          2008 Bowman Elevation DJ Strawberry Auto/Relic Rookie

-          2009 Topps Signature Alando Tucker auto

Additionally there was a 1999 Topps Chrome Pat Garrity RC plus 1996 Topps Seasons Best Board Member Charles Barkley and a 2008 Fleer Hot Prospects Supreme Court Steve Nash.

 Rune sent me a link to his completed collection and I have to say this is a very impressive set which includes some amazing dual cards. I never realized that some of the sweet pulls include various relics including Jordan, Moses Malone, Dr. J, Magic, LeBron, Bird, Rodman, Frazier, Worthy, Carmelo, Amare, Chris Paul and Abdul-Jabbar.

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