Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Mrs. Claus Secret

For years I have been hunting down the 1992 Pro Line Santa autograph card to add to my collection and this year after being hidden away a couple have made it up for auction, though I am not currently in a position to drop $65-80 on an autographed Santa Clause card, but the important thing is that some of the cards are surfacing and I had forgotten which set the card was part of so now I have saved the search for the future.

But as I was looking thorugh the various auctions I came across the Mrs. Claus autograph card, which Pro Line released along with Santa's auto, and I noticed something odd. Do you see something different between the two cards?

Card #1 has an additional "Santa" autograph on the 1991 Pro Line card in the picture frame next to Mrs. Claus. The first card with the additional autograph sold recently at $35 where Card #2 is sitting at $68 with no bids. I think that was pretty cool that the signer added in a little additional bonus auto for the collectors.

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  1. These are pretty cool... especially the dual autographed version. Not sure I'm ready to drop $35 on one though.