Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preivew: 2012 Leaf Metal Golf

Leaf is once again going after an untapped market in collecting, this time it is golf. It has been almost a decade since we have seen an all golf product, though some golfers have appeared in various sets from Topps and Upper Deck over the years. Brian Gray has announced that early next year, February or March, Leaf will be releasing 2012 Leaf Golf Metal. Each box will contain 2 base cards and 3 autographs and boxes should run around $70 each. No checklist has been released but Gray did make it clear that since UD has an exclusive contract with Tiger Woods he will not be included.

Leaf has released some preview images of Jack Nicklaus autographs to show the various versions that will be included. Additionally, every autograph will be on-card.

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