Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preview: 2012 ITG NHL Enforcers

When it comes to hockey everyone loves a scorer and the goalies grab whatever love is left over but the enforcers are what makes hockey really hockey. As the old joke goes “I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out”. 

 In The Game, the first card company to create a goalie-only set has now turned their attention towards another ignored group, the enforcers. If you look closely you will notice that the autographs and some of the memorabilia cards have blood splatters included in the design. This reminded me of a card I pulled a number of years ago from a Pacific product, it was a Yzerman/Lidstrom dual memorabilia card and the Lidstrom sweater patch had blood on it, one of the coolest cards I ever pulled. I sold it when I was clearing out my collection, that is one card I wish I could get back just because it was different.

You will notice that Marty McSorley is included in the autograph checklist. What Enforcers set would be complete without McSorley, one of a handful of players to actually be charged with assualt following an on-ice hit?

2012 In The Game NHL Enforcers is scheduled to be released January 15, 2012 but no pricing information has been released yet. Each 12-card box will be hand-collated to ensure proper pack out and will contain:
5 Autographs
2 Memorabilia cards
5 Base cards

 Base Inserts include:
Record Holders compiles the stats
Tale of the Tape offers a glimpse at both combatants in classic battles
Bloody Battles is an artistic rendition of notable scraps (This is not a sketch card)
Tough Franchise pays tribute to the legacy of various teams' enforcers

Memorabilia Inserts include:
Combatants - Dual Memorabilia cards
Tough Franchise - Quad Memorabilia cards
Fight Strap (#/8)
Fight Strap (#/1)

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