Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Rack Packs: 2011 Topps Chrome Football

Since I have been going through a lull in pack opening I grabbed two rack packs of Topps Chrome Football recently. Each rack pack contained 3 packs of Topps Chrome Football and 3 additional Orange Refractors.

Like my rack packs of Topps Prime Football that I opened last month almost every card pulled was either a Running Back (9) or a Wide Receiver (16 counting Tight Ends). Besides pulling an A.J. Green rookie most of the other RCs were disappointing including a number of players who have already been cut/waived or are close to losing their jobs. Last year it seemed like ever pack I opened always contained a Mardy Gilyard rookie and this year that bad luck has been replaced with Clyde Gates. To make it worse I pulled a base Clyde Gates refractor as well as an X-Fractor, talk about a disappointment.

To close out my pack break I pulled a Blue Refractor Ronnie Brown #/199, 6 Orange Refractors and 2 Bowman Chrome Rookies- Ryan Mallett and Ryan Williams.

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