Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Is Now Live

Upper Deck has a tendency to hold fast on certain upcoming sets, they release very little information and even less preview images. The Marvel products are usually among those releases that they keep quiet and close to the chest. I sent an email to Chris Carlin two weeks ago asking if they had planned on releasing any info or images and he sent me the checklist only. The checklist was released to members of Upper Deck’s Insiders Newsletter the next day. Not really the scoop I was hoping for.
Today Marvel Beginnings III was released, the final piece to the Marvel Beginnings trilogy product. Starting with Beginnings I, which was released late last year, and continued with Beginnings II, released earlier this year, the set has used a continuing checklist number system. Each release contained 180 base cards so when all has been said and done the Beginnings line has a total of 540 base cards. Each release also included Ultimate Panel cards, a panel out of various comic books was inserted in a card to create an original type of relic card, as well as sketch cards. Inserts varied from set to set otherwise.
As expected the sketch cards are the highlight of the insert checklist, inserted at 1:2 boxes, each sketch card is a 1/1 sketch from one of the 76 artists included in this release. The product was released today but there are some amazing sketch cards already out there for auction.

The Breakthrough Issues Autographs, inserted at 1:2 boxes, are also lighting it up, it seems like collectors can never get enough of Stan Lee’s autograph. There are 49 cards included in the checklist plus another 33 cards on the Breakthrough Issues Dual Autographs checklist. I like that Upper Deck used gold and silver paint pens for the on-card autographs.

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