Monday, December 24, 2012

The Hunt For "A Merry Xmas"

Weber Baking Company, out of New Jersey, followed a common practice in the early 20th Century by inserting cards in their products as an extra incentive to bring in sales. A practice that was made popular by tobacco companies was quickly adapted by candy makers, bakeries and even retailers as a way to get their name out among the population.
In 1923 Weber inserted informational cards in to their bread packaging, a set that is now listed as 1923 D50 Weber Baking Magic Card of Knowledge. These cards included a black and white illustration on the front along with a short write up on the back giving some info about the subject. What was cool about these cards is that you could paint them yourself. Similar to the “Paint With Water” books we had as kids, using a wet brush you could paint across the card surface and colors would appear. Let the card dry and you now have your own masterpiece.
The card I have in my sights in the “A Merry Xmas” card featuring Santa Claus but these cards are extremely difficult to find. I have only seen one Santa card sell this year and it was well beyond what I felt was reasonable. Even if I could find a painted version I would be happy but the cards have been few and far between. A new Santa Claus card to add to my search for Claus.


  1. Whatever happened to those "paint with water" coloring books? Those were awesome! But not nearly as awesome as this card. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey, if all the cards you wanted were cheap and easy to find collecting wouldn't be nearly as fun. Merry Christmas!