Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Future Of Manny Pacquiao

For so many years Manny Pacquiao seemed almost unstoppable, since he began his 1995 he has been dominating. Over the next 16 years he went 54-3-2 and had won 11 different titles in 8 weight classes. The past 6 months have been a different story; while the whole world seemed to be impatiently waiting for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight to materialize Pac-man has slipped and has lost two in row including losing the WBO Welterweight belt to Timothy Bradley in June.  To be fair the Bradley fight was beyond questionable, when the WBO decides that an investigation needs to be done you know there is corruption among the judges.
Even with a career that spans 17 years there are very few Pac-man cards available, it was not until 2011 that he made his first appearance in a major brand when Topps included him on the checklist for 2011 Topps Allen & Ginters. Since then he has appeared in a handful of Topps sets and in two of Leaf’s cut signature sets this year.
With the recent losses we have to wonder if he will begin to contemplate retirement and move on to other interests, he is a Congressman in the Philippine House of Representatives and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Philippine Army Reserves.
His card prices range greatly from a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand dollars but if you scan through the listings you will notice that there is not much activity on his cards, I can actually find only one card with a bid and it is only a $1 A&G mini. I am sure if he were to remain fighting and he returns to his winning ways we will see a surge in the prices but at this point where he stands in uncertainty prices will probably remain stagnant or even drop.


  1. I remember the days when Pacquiao's autograph commanded top dollar. Although I'm sure his autographed cards still fetch a pretty penny due to supply & demand... these days, you can find autographed photos for well under $100.

    He was a fan favorite in my neck of the woods, but I'm hoping he rides off into the sunset, so fans can remember all of those great years of entertainment he provided us with.

  2. That Tier 1 auto looks great, I never saw it before.