Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Blaster: 2012 Topps Chrome Football

I recently picked up a couple blasters of Topps Chrome Football and while the design is just like the base football release this is CHROME (say this as Austin Power’s Goldmember would say “Gold)… which makes it better out of the pack. It has been awhile since I last did a Random Blaster Box post, the last one was back in April, so no time like the present to get back in the groove.
I pulled a decent variety of players, both vets and rookie, but Seahawks and Cardinals players were slim pickings. Besides the Russell Wilson base card the closest I got to a Seahawk player is Matt Hasslebeck, ex-Hawks QB. I only pulled on Cardinals player, Beanie Wells.
With rookies I pulled some two very solid QBs, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III. Not bad, beyond those two I also pulled Luke Kuechly and Vick Ballard among others.
I pulled 4 Refractors; Roddy White, Randy Moss, Doug Martin and Jonathan Martin. Roddy White is having another stellar year, and with 3 games left it is possible he can top his best year (2010- 1,389 yards). Randy Moss is not the threat that he once was but as the #2-3 receiver he is carrying his weight. Doug Martin is a bit of a pleasant surprise for the 6-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
I pulled 5 X-Fractors, which have the same exact odds of being pulled as the standard refractors 1:3 packs, Matt Forte, Antonio Brown and Beanie Wells along with two rookies; Brandon Thompson and Mike Adams.
I pulled a Pink Refractor, Ben Roethlisberger #/399, and one Camo Refractor, Orson Charles #/499.
 One pack that I opened had 5 cards in it instead of the stated 4 cards. I had two cards that were stuck together, both Jonathan Martin. What is cool is that one card was a Martin refractor stuck to the back of the Martin base card. Now if it only had been a RG3 refractor stuck to the back of RG3 base card that I pulled.
I pulled two 1957 Topps inserts (1:12 packs), Trent Richardson and David Wilson. The Wilson has a long scuff mark running horizontally across the card front; it can be seen on the scan. The vertical stripes are from my scanner and are not actually on the card.
I pulled a Robert Turbin 1965 Topps mini insert (1:12 packs)
Next up is a double dose of Seahawk rookies from the 1984 Topps insert (1:6 packs). I actually made out very well with the reprints, 3 Seahawks cards (2 Robert Turbin and a Russell Wilson) plus a Trent Richardson.
The blaster boxes include a retail-exclusive Rookie Relic card; I pulled Ryan Broyles and a Nick Toon Refractor #/25. The down side is that both players are now on Injured Reserve with Toon being placed on IR before the season even began.

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