Friday, December 13, 2013

Georges St.-Pierre To...

The MMA world was rocked today with the announcement from Georges St.-Pierre that he is vacating his title and stepping away from fighting. He has said that he is stepping away from an undetermined period of time because his life is in upheaval. Johny Hendricks, who lost to GSP last month, will fight Robbie Lawler for the vacant Welterweight title at UFC 171 in March 2014.
Over the last few years GSP has dealt with the injury bug, which he finally seemed to shake this year, but when he fought Johny Hendricks last month he was very un-GSP like winning on a split decision. He says he is 100% healthy but his mind is not right for fighting mentality. Personally I agree with his choice, you can lose a fight if you are not fully focused mentally just look at Silva’s loss to Weidman for a perfect example. Plus, if he does ultimately decided to retire he goes out on top as the Champ.
GSP has always been top dog in the MMA collectors market, this announcement will only cause his card’s prices to increase. I bet if he returns the prices will probably move up even more, similar to when MJ came back to the Bulls in 1995 wearing the 4-5.

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