Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Fading Fast...

We have all seen autographs fade over time, Upper Deck’s Sweet Spot is probably the most notorious culprit, but I don’t think that I have seen a sticker autograph fade. I came across this perfect example of a faded sticker autograph. Karen Allen played Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones KoCS (horrible movie), which this card is from the card set of the latter. What I noticed is that this card appears to have been signed using a black pen while the other cards she signed using a blue pen. The blue pen versions, that I have seen, all appear to be in great shape and sell for around $25-30 each, this faded signature is the only black ink auto that I can find and is being offered As-Is at $8.
Obviously pen choice has a great deal with how a signature ages but as collectors are we now in the position where we need to be concerned about sticker autographs fading?


  1. It's funny you posting Karen Allen's card. I just finished watching "Scrooged," with her and Bill Murray.

  2. Hey, my son pulled that blue auto from a pack and it still looks great. Glad it wasn't a black one.