Friday, February 21, 2014

Mail Day With A Ohhh (Bad) Moment

Big mail day today, I love those. I received 8 envelopes and 13 cards. It is like Christmas all over again. That is until I came across a padded envelope from Pennsylvania, which looked like it passed through a war zone and was box tapped up at a medical evac center. When I finally got the envelope apart and the card out I was disappointed with the U.S. Postal Service. Fortunately I bought a card that had been graded, which I planned on cracking out of the case.

The card is a 1995 Leaf Slideshow Ken Griffey Jr. 8A card, graded an 8 by Beckett. The card was only 99 cents plus $2.32 shipping, and I planned on removing it from the slab so I could put it in to my Griffey binder. Needless to say the post office did what they could to speed up the process of breaking the card out of the slab. There were cracks along the edges and corners on both the front and back. On the front, along the top edge, there is a 1-inch section that is melted and the plastic is burnt and peeled away. Not to be outdone, the back also has a finger print sized melted section in the center. It is actually deep enough that when you look through the slab from the side you see the indent in to the plastic.

I could only imagine how bad things would have been if this was sent in a PWE or wasn’t graded and in a slab. In the end I can’t really complain because the card is still in great condition and the slab was going to be broken open anyway. I guess this is just a perfect example of packaging cards well when they are shipped.


  1. I didn't know there was a blowtorch and hammers section in your typical mail processing center. It seems like whoever put it together would have noticed that fatal flaw. Kind of like all the fortresses in movies that are easily accessible to the hero through the sewer network or some conveniently large ductwork.

  2. Post office has been terrible lately. If they're pissed, screw with congress' mail, not ours.