Friday, May 2, 2014

A Card Numbers Game

  Just one of those random questions today:
I am very anal about things, I was diagnosed as OCD when I was a teenager, a very difficult time for me. As I have gotten older I have learned to deal with some things that I can not control. One thing that still has stuck with me is numbers, there are numbers I like and there are numbers that bother me. I love the number “5” while on the other side I do not like the numbers “3, 6 or 9” with the number “13” being the worst offender, not because it is considered bad luck but because to me it does not seem natural.
I will actually skip buying a card that has a #13 serial number, I will skip buying a card that sells for $13 and when I was still building complete sets card #13 was flipped backwards. There is no sense in arguing with someone who has OCD, it is like yelling at a brick wall.
I find myself in a quandary right now, someone is offering a card that I have been hunting for over a year. He has two versions, one serial #25 and one serial #26. I had actually missed bidding the #25 card, which ended with no bids, but they have since put it back up for auction. Because of the numbering I would like the #25, after the first auction ended I even asked if they would be willing to put it back up for a BIN but they decided to post it as a regular auction.
Normally I would pass on the #26 card and wait to bid on the other card but I have only seen 3 for sale over the past year and these are two of them. Do I bid on the card with the #26, a number that bugs me, just to get it in to my collection or do I hope the auction for the #25 card ends up in a price I am willing to pay?
Which leads me to the question of the day:
Have you ever passed on a serial numbered card because you did not like the number it had?


Have you paid extra for a serial numbered card because it had a specific number?


  1. Yes and Yes. I'm a textbook case, as I collect cards serial numbered 12/25. I don't like 13/ numbered cards and avoid them best I can. But that's the extent of my nuttiness with numbers, pretty much. I wrote a post on "best/worst" serial numbers a while ago.

  2. In building my parallel sets of 2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Foil and 2013 Topps Archives Gold I came across doubles from time to time. The determining factor for which card went into the set and which one went to the doubles box was which serial number 'felt' better to me. There's nothing quite like trying to determine whether you like 1803 or 0592 better.