Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Day, Another Star Wars Card

Just to make the unofficial Star Wars Day last another day I am posting a recent pick up from the 2012 Star Wars Galaxy 7 release. This is a Retail Cel card, they were available in retail packs and they are a dual sided acetate card.
They ran the Retail Cel cards through a number of products over the years like the Rise Of The Bounty Hunter. Star Wars 30th Anniversary and Galaxy 6 release. Each of the sets is made up of 9 cards and have a different styling. The ROTBH set is based on the Clone Wars television show, the 30th Anniversary set has cards from various shows (Droids, the Holiday Special, Ewoks and Clone Wars) and the Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 7 sets are based on the 6 movies but they have a different art style. I actually want to complete all four sets but they are not a priority so I am picking up a card here and there when I see a deal.
This card is by far my favorite from all of the sets because it depicts my favorite battle from my favorite movie, the Battle of Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back.

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