Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To Grade Or Not To Grade?

I am not big on having modern day cards graded, I just don’t think it is logical unless the card is very limited and it is a top tier player. I am just surprised at some of the cards people get graded. When you consider the cost to have a card graded it just boggles the mind. Beckett runs $11 per card with a 45-day turn around if you get 1-12 cards graded. Even if you were to have 100 or more cards graded you are still paying $8 per card with a 45-day turn around. PSA is $17 per card with a 10-day turnaround if you get 1-9 cards graded. If you go with their bulk service, 100 cards (or more) still run $7 per card with a 45-day turn around.
Last October I bought a graded BGS 8 2013 Leaf Rookie Retro Yasiel Puig for $6.64. If the seller was the one who had the card graded he lost money on the sale. It is situations like this where I am just awestruck at what people have graded. Now I am guessing that whoever had the card graded was hoping to make money on Puig’s quick fame but still, this is the reason I won’t consider grading a modern card without a damn good reason.
Now I am in the position where I am wondering if I should get a modern day card graded. Last year I pulled a 2010-11 Upper Deck Tyler Seguin Young Guns out of a discounted blaster. I know he has a solid future ahead of him but I put it in to a binder and paid no attention to it until I was adding my hockey cards to my Zistle account. At 22-years old he has been in the league for four season, he is currently with the Dallas Stars. This past season he ranked #5 in the league in goals and #4 in the league in total points.
Graded versions of his Young Guns can run $90 or more depending on the grade. Would it be logical to get his card graded if I planned to sell it?

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  1. I'm sure it's possible to make a profit. However... there's way too much risk for my blood. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.