Thursday, May 15, 2014

Upper Deck's Shadowbox Frame Wall Art

Upper Deck will occasionally post “Brag” photos on their blog when they have something new or unique. Yesterday they posted up something pretty cool, an evolution of the Shadow Box card. The piece, which is 16x20, is made to be mounted on the wall or displayed like a picture. Essentially it is a large Shadow Box card but significantly more expensive. They have 2 different pieces available, a Gretzky Oilers piece and a Tiger Wood piece, and they both run $1600 (Yikes!)
What is cool is that, like the Shadowbox card, there are layers that make it appear 3 dimensional. With the autograph on the middle acrylic piece it looks like it is floating. Not that I could afford one but a Ken Griffey Jr. piece would be so cool. Even an unsigned (seriously cheaper) version would be neat to have.

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  1. Wow... shadow box card for your wall? Awesome!