Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Simpsons Nuclear Accident

This is one of my recent, more fun pickups. The 6-card neon set is from the 2000 Inworks Simpson’s 10th Anniversary release. The cards are acetate, neon cards and they glow under black lights.

N1 Blinky the three-eyed fish

N2 X-ray Bart

N3 Homer eating radioactive waste

N4 Homer with a radioactive donut

N5 Skeleton Bart skateboarding

N6 Homer advertisement

These cards are pretty cool and I have been watching them for 14 years but never pulled the trigger because the cards usually sell for $3-5 each and that was just too much for something like this but when I came across a British dealer selling the entire set with a .99 cent starting bid it caught my attention. In the end I won the auction with a bid of $3.28 plus $4.31 shipping from England. A total of $7.59 for the entire set was more reasonable when you figure you could only get 2 cards from most sellers.

I have a strong LED black light so the cards were reflecting the light in to the camera so the full glow effect cannot really be seen in my pictures but when they are in hand they glow beautifully without a reflection. I did find a image of the set glowing nicely under a black light, but it is a small image but you get the idea.

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