Friday, June 27, 2014

Not So Chat-Worthy

So the other day I got an email blast from Terry Melia promoting Chatograph, which I had never heard of before even though it has been around for a bit. The information included in the email describes the service as a way to allow a fan to have a personalized interaction with their favorite athlete, artist or personality. I thought “That is pretty cool”, who wouldn’t want to have a one on one with someone they idolize, even if it is a simple chat session. Additionally you get an autographed copy of the interaction, a nice kicker.
So I look in to it and find out that it is not really an interaction as much as you submit a question or comment that is then forwarded to the star, who answers it. A print out is made, the star autographs it and the print out is sent to you. So basically they took the idea of fans sending their favorite athlete a letter and TTM request (roughly $1 for the stamps and a SASE) and added in a middle man and charge up to $30 for the same thing. This left me scratching my head as to why this would succeed unless they can bring in big stars or people who are not known for signing autographs. I think I will pass.


  1. Yeah, I'd rather have the card signed.

  2. This sort of thing isn't for me either. But I have to say... my friend is in love with Angel Pagan and she would probably love this.