Friday, June 13, 2014

The Art Gallery: 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night Of The Living Dead Johnny

This month’s Art Gallery design is from the 2012 Unstoppable Cards Night of the Living Dead release. The artist is Jerry Fleming, an amazing artist out of Los Angeles. He is well known for his appearances at Comic Cons around the country. The movie Night of the Living Dead is one of my favorite horror films. It was George Romero’s first film, and it was a giant step in establishing the zombie genre.
When the Night of the Living Dead cards were released I had talked with Unstoppable Cards owner Jason Wright, they are a small company out of the UK with a number of British entertainment licenses like The Avengers, Blakes 7 and Dr. Who. Jerry Fleming has done a number of sketch cards for the various Unstoppable Cards releases.
I picked up this card because it is from my favorite scene in the movie, the scene where Johnny and his sister Barbra are visiting their father’s grave and in the distance a staggering man appears shuffling along through the grave yard and Johnny does his famous “There coming to get you Barbra!’ line. The card was only a couple of dollars but cost another $4.31 in shipping because it was coming from England, a price I would happily pay again for a cool card like this.

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