Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Got To Be The Patches!

Yesterday I came across a Panini tweet where they previewed a Kobe Bryant patch card that I believe will be included in this year’s Father’s Day promotion. What caught my attention was not the large Nike swoosh patch but how horrible the card looks as a cracked ice parallel. This card is the epitome of the appalling direction that some designs are going. Instead of just designing a good looking card it is moving towards making the cards with the S!CK..MOJO!!! patches and parallels upon parallels. The next step is removing the athlete image from the card all together and just making a card with a patch and 10 different parallels. The companies have already begun to list relics as “Not from any specific game or event” why not just make it “This patch is not from any specific athlete, event or game”. Panini has already set the precedent with their Triple Play Real Feel relics.

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