Friday, November 7, 2014

Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than Speak And Remove All Doubt

Following the Bengals 24-3 blowout loss to the Browns, the Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill responded to a question asking if the Browns are better than originally thought with “They’re probably worse than I thought to be honest with you” followed with “Those guys, they’re not that good
This is coming from a guy who has a whole 8 games experience in the NFL, 86 rushes for 404 yards and 154 yards came against the Jaguars. So discounting his 154 yards versus the very week Jags defense he has a total of 250 yards rushing over 7 games for a 36 yard/game average. This guy does not have the experience to make statements like this. The Bengals did not play well and Dalton had his worst game ever but no matter what the Browns beat the Bengals in Cincinnati by three touchdowns. That cannot be discounted, especially by a rookie.
Football player’s talk smack, which is part of the game. Sometimes it can be backed up, like Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson, and sometimes it can’t., like Geno Smith, but I think anyone who rips a team as being awful after losing by a blowout to that same team is a freaking moron. The re-match will be December 14th in Cleveland so Hill has plenty of time to prove he isn’t just a bag of hot air.

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  1. Some athletes need to think before they speak. I hope Jeremy Hill doesn't have a Twitter account.