Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some Globetrotters Additions

What better way to top adding the 2010 SportKings Curly Neal relic that I got a couple of weeks ago? By adding two 2012 A&G framed relics of Curly Neal and Meadowlark Lemon for less than what I paid for the 2010 SK Neal relic.

The 2012 A&G Neal was uncirculated so I had to break him out of the Topps holder, a simple snip of the Topps sticker and Curly Neal was on the fast break in to my basketball binder. The 2012 A&G Lemon came in today and initially when I saw the card in the auction I figured that the relic has slid out of the frame a bit, I thought that the dark upper corners were the back of the frame, but it is actually a three-colored relic. The relic is grey with the top left corner being black and the top right corner being green.
These are some very cool card, though I think that they are from t-shirts. I would have preferred jersey relics of the Globetrotter greats but I am not going to complain about two nice additions.

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